Saturday, June 16, 2018

Worth Watching to the End

Quote from one of our missionaries: This is not missionary “work" - This is missionary “joy”

A First for Everything

Riding in a carita for the first time. Sharing the passenger seat for 25 pesos each. The broken front window and duct taped dashboard doesn’t slow business a bit.


The two girls (not standing) will be baptized today. I was struck by the contrast between their corrugated tin ceiling and their flat screen tv. 

The Front Porch

Going to Market

Now you know what happens with all the clothes you donate. Once we saw someone wearing a Ponte Vedra sharks T shirt (our daughter’s school).

Need a Ride?

These fancy cars are how our missionaries get around. They are a step down from a taxi (that doesn’t look a lot better) and cost far less. They may not have windows and there may be 6 people in back at one time but the engines run (most of the time).

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

All in the Family

Our missionaries with all the members of the family that they baptized.


After 39 years together this couple was married and baptized this week. Who led the way into the waters of baptism? First their grandchildren, then their children, and now the grandparents.

Touring Alone

Presidente had to make 55 phone calls on our p day Saturday, so I went exploring in the colonial zone.

It's Not a Record But It's Close

We’ve seen five adults on one moto.

Mormon Standard Time

9:00 a.m.

9:30 a.m.

Returned with Honor

It was so fun to meet the family of this great Hermana who was released in January and came back to visit this week.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

So Precious

Welcome to Church!

This is what greeted us at the chapel doors today.

A Branch Resurrected

These missionaries are transforming this branch! A confirmation during church and a baptism after. We’re have enough priesthood holders now the missionaries don’t to serve in the leadership positions!

Wide Cargo

They can carry anything on a Moto!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Seventh Times the Charm

Every time we get new missionaries we teach them about consecration. We use Moses chapter 5 to teach them about offering a sacrifice that is acceptable to God. I always teach that Adam offered sacrifices of the best of his flock because it was in similitude of the sacrifice of the Son of God and was a way to help him appreciate the atonement of the Savior. While preparing this training for the 7th time today I learned something new that had a great impact on me:         Imagine you were Adam, and every time your flock of sheep had babies, you had to choose the very best one and sacrifice it. You couldn’t keep it to breed. You couldn’t use the wool. You couldn’t eat it. You couldn’t even let it grow up as a pet. You had to give up the best, most pefect lamb every time the ewes gave birth.         What would you learn from this experience if month after month, year after year, you gave your best to the Lord? (We know Adam did it for was a long time because the scriptures say so.)         I think you would learn to let go. You would learn not to get too attached to your possessions. You would soon learn that the sheep aren’t really yours anyway. You’re going to be giving them away. You would learn not to be materialistic. You would learn that everything you have place comes from the Lord in the first place. You would learn not to covet your own possessions. You would learn how to give your all to the Lord. You would learn consecration.         I think the first time you sacrificed the best of your flock, you might understand a little bit more how it feels to be God and give your Only Begotton Son to be sacrificed.   But I think after you gave your best away time and time again, you would learn that everything we have belongs to God. It’s pretty generous we get to keep for ourselves as much as we do.

Lively Zone Conference

It seems to be effective to teach with activities.

In the Field

It’s so much fun to leave with the hermanas. The youth love them.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Companionship Study

We modeled a companionship study due zone conference. The missionaries really went with it.

Worth Watching to the End

Quote from one of our missionaries: This is not missionary “work" - This is missionary “joy”