Sunday, December 9, 2018

TV Program about the Church

 Elder Welch read Mosiah 3:19 while on the TV talk show about the church in the DR.  He was a superstar.

Our assistance with the talk show host who wanted to grill our elders about the law of chastity.  They responded with Mosiah 3:19.

We bumped into friends we knew almost 40 years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They were here because Mark Tanner was one of the first missionaries here in the DR.

Delicious nativity!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Measuring success

Explanation of the numbers: 
1: zone 
2: goal for month
3: baptisms as of the 28th
4: baptisms resulting from references
5: baptisms performed by members
6: references from members
7: reactivations
8: companionships baptized
9: baptisms scheduled for the rest of the month
10: goal for December 
11: number of persons contacted in the month

Object Lesson

The point was, there's no time to waste.  The fastest spinner won!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

If you're looking for something to be grateful for.....

Two areas of missionaries have been without water for the last several weeks. In one area the water tower was struck by lightning and in the other neighbors were tapping into their water source and after 1 1/2 hours of pumping water every day it would suddenly disappear!!

Our thanksgiving

Patriotic missionaries

Two of our favorite trainers

26 new missionaries!!!

Old and lovely

The cruise ships parked behind the old fortress protecting the city is rather incongruous, but if I were to decorate, I think I'd choose the crumbling wall.

Lighthouses talk

'Nuf' said

To cry or laugh?

We arrived at this house to do an interview an discovered the "pet" chicken, tied to a post with a string around its neck, was dead.  The children didn't notice it until we pointed it out and suddenly the 10 year old boy started wailing as if his heart would break.  They only paid 5 pesos for the chicken (alive).  The mom had planned to eat it anyway, but the 10 year old didn't know that.

These awesome elders are completing a family!  Mom Dad and all three kids were baptized.

How to be a missionary

Two of our zone leaders were asked to share a little about missionary work when the member opened his call.  The secret, they all agreed, is love the people, love the country, love the work and you'll never be homesick

Noche de Hogar

We were invited to our first Family Home Evening where a member was going to open his mission call.  It turned out he was called the same mission where Mikan served, Brazil Salvador Sur speaking Portuguese

Exceeding Faith

This tiny branch had only 4 members coming to sacrament at the beginning of last month.  The elders worked like crazy to re-activate and bring new people to church.  Last week there were 29 people at church!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A peaceful resting place

This cemetery was built into the side of a hill.  It was one of the prettiest cemeteries we've seen, with natural plants and flowers growing everywhere.

Urgency to baptize

The zone leaders in San Pedro had an activity to help their zone recognize the importance of baptism without delay

Standing behind the promise

Each member of our wonderful Leadership Counsel signed their name to their zone's promise for the month.  The promise is the sum of the number of people each  companionship feels the Lord has prepared in their own area.  Each zone leader brings their zone's promise to Consejo de Lideres and we then know what the promise is for the whole mission.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Peace and Quiet

Usually when we teach on a patios it is right on the street and cars, motorcycles, and trucks blast by creating all kinds of noise and distractions.  This patio was in back of the house, although shared by many houses that surrounded it, it was cool, quiet and a great place to teach.  The little girl in the photo is the younger sister of the person the hermanas are teaching.

A Balancing Act

The zone leaders created an activity to help the missionaries in their zone learn how to keep all their balls (people they are teaching) in the air.  When they have too many people to teach themselves, they solicit the help of the members, and they go out with the members.  That way they can teach twice as fast.

All for Nothing

All those pallets are for the Oktoberfest celebration this weekend.  The event will take place in the park across the street from our casa.  So much work, booth after booth built, painted and decorated just to sell millions of different brands of alcohol.

Super Prepared

These faithful hermanas baptized two members of this family this weekend, and will baptize the others soon.  Note the furniture covered in plastic.  It's not new.  It stays that way!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fun to give

I've decided I like the welfare system here in the DR.  Those who are handicapped and can't work, actually work really hard.  They walk in the streets all day every day and come up to the window of your car while waiting at lights (always long, long lights) and you put money in their cup.  The thing that I really like is seeing their gratitude.  It doesn't matter how much you give, a little or a lot, they are grateful.  Even when we choose to give granola bars or food, they are happy.  One day I gave a little boy a bag of M & M 's and you would think he won the lottery.  I've never seen such a big smile.  I hope he comes back!

Fill the font

The zone leaders find lots of ways to animate their missionaries.  This day they had a relay that included filling the font one cup of water at a time.

In the garden

This stained glass is in one of the chapels of a really old cathedral here in Santo Domingo.  I was impressed that the subject was the Savior in the garden of Gethsemane.  So often the stained glass pictures the Savior with the cross.

9 baptisms

New leadership

Elder Gavarett, of the Area Presidency arrived in the country last week and he came to our mission to do a mission tour this week.  He emphasized how effective family history work is to retain new converts.

TV Program about the Church

 Elder Welch read Mosiah 3:19 while on the TV talk show about the church in the DR.  He was a superstar. Our assistance with the talk...